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Aduan dan Maklum Balas


Soalan Lazim - FODDER


A pasture is high quality grass, suitable for ruminants, planted for grazing. Fodder is grass or other high quality leafy plants, suitable for ruminants which are managed by cutting and are then transported.



Pasture and fodder are important green feed for ruminant livestock. The livestock must be provided with quality and balanced nutrition for health, growth, breeding and production of meat and milk.



Current livestock producers face problems in providing quality and sufficient feed throughout the year. The shortage of green feed is significant during the dry and flooding season.



The traditional grass cutting methods by the roadsides, in the estates and others or leaving the livestock free to graze anywhere is no longer appropriate. As such, good quality pasture/fodder must be planted to provide sufficient food to your livestock in the effort to improve and enhance the production in terms of the quality and quantity. That will directly increase your income.


A desired pasture must have the following criteria.

  1. High yield at all times (Dry material content).
  2. High nutritional value, especially crude protein content.
  3. Has a good digestive value.
  4. Hardy – withstands adverse conditions such as drought or excessive grazing and also easily maintained.
  5. Fast growth and regeneration rate (after being cut and grazed).
  6. Higher amount of leaves compared to stalks.
  7. Easily mixed with other species especially legumes.
  8. Economical to be carried out.
  9. Delicious, favoured by the livestock.





Nama Biasa

Nama Saintifik

Pastura / Foder  
Rumput Signal Bracharia decumbans
Rumput Para Bracharia mutica
Rumput Kuda / Guinea Bracharia humidicola
Rumput Gajah / Napier Panicaum maximum
cv. Colonio, Hamil, Typica
Rumput Kazungula Setaria sphacelata
cv. kazungula
Rumput Slendida Setaria sphacelata
Var. splendida
Rumput MARDI Digit /
Pangola daun lebar
Digitaria setivalva
Kekacang :  
Centro Centrosema pubscens
Stylo Stylosanthes guyanensis
Puero / Kudzu Topika Pueraria phaseoloides
Calapo Calapogonium mucunoides
Petai Belalang / Ipil-ipil Leucaena leucocephala


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